Monday, June 14, 2004

Good News for Kerry, Bad News for Hackers

The Washington Post reported on Saturday (June 12) that 42 percent of college students back Kerry, with 30 percent for Bush and 4 percent for Ralph Nader.

However, the article by Charles Babington goes on to dismiss the importance of the hacker vote:

Maybe Kerry should target the Shakespeare students and leave the computer nerds to Bush. More than 70 percent of humanities majors said politics was relevant to their daily lives, compared with 36 percent of computer science students.
Puleeze, Mr. Babington.

Hacker culture is one of the most inclusive, non-judgmental, intelligent subcultures in the US. (Don't believe me? Read the Portrait of J. Random Hacker in the Jargon File.)

The problem is, these folks are too bright to fall for most politicians' hogwash. In the words of Jim Hightower, "If the Gods Had Meant Us to Vote, They'd Have Given Us Candidates (worth voting for)."

Hackers tend to be gently liberal and should naturally feel at home in the Democrats big least the one everyone talked about 30-40 years ago during the civil rights movement. Now, just where did we put that tent?

Senator Kerry, please reach out to our hackish friends and be a candidate who gives them a reason to vote. This population alone can give you more than a margin of victory.