Monday, June 14, 2004

Meme for a Day

Memes, memetics, and meme gardening. All fascinating stuff.

My meme for the day is "internet carpetbaggers."

The term has been around for a while in IT circles, to variously describe the marketroid types who go from one dot-com disaster to another; to "tech writers" who can barely spell FTP; or to the multi-level ponzi schemes all over the web. The unifying thread among these different uses is the act of dissembling one's true credentials or intention through use of the internet. Outsiders with agendas.

I haven't seen the term used yet in a political context, and I think it is time we started.

Internet carpetbaggers, def.: manufacturers of "ersatz" grassroots activism to usurp the authentic voice of a community and impose an outside agenda.

I can't think of a better term, really, to describe the cynical machinations of the GOP in their attacks on Michael Moore.

Right now, a Google search brings up 46 discrete hits. My prediction? It should catch on in political circles. Let's check back in a month or so and see how the count is going.