Wednesday, June 16, 2004

MoveOn takes on Move Forward

MoveOn now has a campaign to promote Fahrenheit 9/11 and counter the right-wing attacks.

Their campaign to "Make Fahrenheit 9/11 a Huge Hit" includes a pledge to see the movie, links to theatre listing and advance tickets, and a email form to invite your friends to take part.

One logical piece of the picture is still missing:

Every activist and his or her dog is going to be out there on June 25th, right? In a year when the Presidential election may come down to GOTV, which relies in a massive volunteer effort...

So let's not just see the movie, but also stand outside the theatres and give people information on how they can get involved and make a difference.

Seriously...recruting at the theatre exits should be as easy as a single guy standing outside a revival tent. Why miss up such a golden opportunity?

Let's get the Kerry Campaign out there. Let's get the Young Democrats out there. Let's get Democracy for America out there. Let's get volunteer recruiters from every Senate, Congress, and State race out there. Let's make sure everyone who walks out angry and ready to make change has an opportunity to contribute to taking back the White House.

And for that matter: let's do the same thing the when The Manchurian Candidate opens on July 30.