Friday, June 25, 2004

To John, Mike and Adolf...with love from George

Speaking of the coordinated right wing campaign against Michael Moore, have you seen the new Bush campaign add?

It conflates Kerry with Al Gore, Dick Gephardt, Howard Dean, Adolf Hitler...and Michael Moore.

No joke. It's on the Bush site at:

2 points:

This strategy is consistent with they way that conservatives try to marginalize uppity women as hysterical or as strident bitches. Democrats who speak out are being characterizes as shrill and out of control

I assume that one of the real objectives of the ad is to create an association in the minds of the public (remember "Saddam...Al Quaeda...Saddam...Al Quaeda?) between Moore and Kerry, to imply collusion, and strengthen the claims against the movie.

Santimonious, pro-censorship, anti-liberty, freedom-hating rat bastards. We're fumigating the White House on November 2 and taking back our country.