Thursday, June 24, 2004

Tsurezduregusa Honyasan (bookstore) open for business

I'm a (documented) fan of independent booksellers and I'm also a bleeding heart liberal who works for free for good causes far too often. I've decided to reconcile these contrary passions by setting up an online partnership with Powell's books.

You can now support Tsuredzuregusa and the overworked/underpaid Democrat behind it by making a book purchase at Powells through this site:

1. Click on the book icons to the right.
2. Use the search engine on the right.
3. Or, click here to go to the Powell's homepage.

I'm always leery about selling my soul (and instead choose to go hungry--the neighbor's kid files a more impressive tax return for her lemonade stand most years), but I feel good about this one.

And, in the spirit of full disclosure, I'm just letting everyone know.

Other bloggers/webmasters who want to do the same can find the info on Powell's site here.