Thursday, July 01, 2004

Does God have pom poms?

Something curious to me, in American political religion, is the notion that God has pom poms, that God puts on a lot of eyeliner and falsh eyelashes every morning and shaves both legs and goes to a tanning booth, all in preparation to shake cosmic pom poms and cheer for one football team, or one school, or one political party, or one country in an international conflict.

More on God's pom poms in action and the Republican Religious base getting out the right wing vote.

If the folks at Save America Now aren't enough to put the fear of a pompom swinging gawd into you, I don't know what it takes.

When it comes to politics, I follow the Old Testment edict of "don't get mad, get even." (It does say that somewhere in the OT, doesn't it?) I hope that everyone who has the sense to be terrified by the new, larger mobiliztion of the fundamentalist Christian vote will step up and do their own part with voter registration and Get Out the Vote efforts.

There are lots of organizations that would love to have your help:

For the under 35 set there's
  • Young Democrats of America

  • College Democrats of America

  • and here in Virginia the Virginia Young Democrats

  • Plus, there's
  • the John Kerry Volunteer Center and Media Corps

  • the MoveOn Voter Registration Project

  • America Coming Together

  • Driving Votes

  • The MMOB's Adopt a Swing State Program

  • Our first and foremost obligation in Virginia is to carry the Commonwealth -- which with a lot of hard work is possible this year. So if anyone knows of more Virginia-specific resources, please let me know.

  • And, if you need more motivation, read Rick's post from So May It Secretly Begin about Karl Rove's campaign to politicize and mobilize American churches.
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