Thursday, July 01, 2004

Happy Canada Day

Thinking about home today...

  • Despite the pundit's optimistic predictions for right-wing Stephen Harper and his Conservative party, the country turns left.

  • Prime Minister Paul Martin delivers a back-handed slap to his neighbor in the South in a Canada Day speech that calls Canada a symbol of justice. Candians do not anticipate he'll volunteer to become the 51st state any day soon.

  • The CBC does a retrospective on Canadian cuisine that includes buttertarts (mmmm), maple syrup, and poutine, and even mentions nanaimo bars. (mmmmm)

    Watching these clips makes me realize that culture shock isn't just about what is different in a new place, but even moreso, what is *missing.* And while Americans constantly tell me that there is no cultural difference between Canadians and Americans, I am proud to come from a country that places a value on access to health care, strong public education, affordable higher education, the rule of law, international peacekeeping (vs "peacemaking" (sic)). Looks like Paul Martin thinks so, too.

  • Oh, and for those who don't know it: Canadian Youth call Bush's America the real Evil Empire. Mind you, they have access to real news...
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