Monday, July 05, 2004

Hoaxbuster: Son of Shaney

Hats off to Doug at Doug's Dynamic Drivel for catching the latest incarnation of an old web hoax.

Does anyone remember in the late 80's when a computer program called "shaney" was used to generate text and plant posts in Usenet groups? (Maybe I should start by asking who remembers Usenet....) The shaney posts were put up under the name of "Mark V. Shaney."

Well, Doug just found an oddly incoherent comment on his blog from...1st Lt. Mark V. Shaney USMC, allegedly stationed in Baghdad.

Doug provides some great background on the shaney program and includes the text of "Lt. Shaney's" comments on his site. Read the whole thing here.

Looks like the right wing nutjobs are so busy they need to outsource their blog comments to AI. I guess AI is better than no-I....

So, who else is getting getting shaneyed? And who is behind the shaney revival?

Verrrrrrry interesting.