Friday, July 23, 2004

Off to DemocracyFest

No posts for a few days...I'm out the door to DemocracyFest, to represent Campaign 101 at a panel on youth in grassroots politics along with Jay Leff of Youth for America.

As much as I admire all of the bloggers that will be posting from the National Conventions next week...right now, I'm more concerned with how to do the 17 hour round trip drive in 2 days and still be lucid when I'm in front of the mike...

I'm looking forward to meeting Jay in person (we've been talking on the phone and by email for weeks), as well as, hopefully, the DemocracyFest organizers, Zephyr Teachout, Joe Trippi, and maybe even Governor Dean.

Updates nextweek...once I catch up on some sleep again!