Friday, July 23, 2004

Pst! Civiblog Project

The good folks at The Citizen Lab are organizing a new project called Civiblog that
makes free bloggin space available to Canadians working for NGOs abroad.

They are looking to find as many Canadians as we can who are working for NGOS abroad to write blogs that will be hosted on the Civiblog community of sites.

One example of such a blog that they've already created is the Kandahar Chronicles, written by an MSF logistician working in Afghanistan. Check it out here.

There will be one major "meta-site," maintained by the Citizen Lab, that will link together all of the participants and house a collection of constantly updated resources that participants might find useful -- things like reports on staying safe in zones of conflict, job postings, travel advisories, etc. They anticipate hundreds of Canadian-NGO bloggers creating over time a virtual community that will benefit everyone.

The site is currently under construction, but can be viewed here.

Participation costs nothing. The blog space will be free. Participants can update their blogs as often or as seldom as they like and it is up to them to decide what they are able or want to write about.

The Citizen Lab will also make available space on the blogs for digital pictures
and videos to be posted for those who have the equipment.

It’s a great way to host one’s own website for free so that friends and family can keep in touch.

Anyone interested or who wants to hear more is invited to contact the person in charge of the project, Graeme Bunton, at

If you know Canadians abroad at NGO's, spread the word on this great project.