Monday, July 26, 2004

Rethinking Book Rolls

I'm alwasy delighted to find a new book roll on my favorite blogs backed by a partnership agreement that gives bloggers a handful of change for click-through sales.

At the same time, I strongly encourage bloggers to rethink the decision to partner with Amazon. Amazon is a major player in the systematic attack against independent book publishers and book retailers.

As an alternative, I warmly recommend Powells Books, an independent brick and mortar/online store based in Portland, Oregon. The founder, Michael Powell has a great track record working for free speech and civil rights, and donates to Oregon democratic candidates and organizations (scroll down).

Powells also offers an excellent partnership program.

I've just set up my book roll through Powell and look forward to adding music and movies through their Partner, Django as well.

It's all about voting with my wallet (the only way I can vote here) and putting my money where my mouth is...instead of putting my money where their jackboots are.