Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Stealth Weapons of Mass Democracy

Kevin Brennan at Tilting at Windmills has a great post about why the Republicans will never allow Canada to join America:
Why not? Because we'd turn the federal government over to the Democrats.

A new poll shows that Canadians overwhelmingly favour John Kerry over George Bush. Strangely (at least to my mind), the region where Bush does the best is Atlantic Canada, where 37% of people would like him to win. Quebec is the most pro-Kerry, at 69%, with Ontario, Alberta, and B.C. all favouring Kerry by about a 3-1 margin (or about 60% of the population).

Also curiously, Quebecers and Albertan are more likely to report a negative impression of Americans than people in other provinces, whereas Atlantic Canada likes Americans the most. That said, 73% of Canadians said they like and admire Americans. However, we're very much opposed to the Bush Administration, with 67% of Canadians saying that they do not like or respect his administration, and 72% saying he doesn't deserve re-election.

The most interesting little factoid is that Canadians are significantly more likely to expect Kerry to improve relations with world leaders in general than we are to expect him to improve relations with Canada in particular. This is actually a pretty reasonable thing to think; many of our problems with the U.S. are the result of trade issues over which the President rarely exercises much direct influence.

I don't find Atlantic Canada's relative affinity to Bush as surprising as Kevin does. After all, aren't the Maritimes socio-economically the closest thing we have to the American south?

I do, however, find it surprising that Quebec is the most pro-Kerry. (Be honest: isn't it refreshing to find Quebec pro-anything?) Is it the Catholic appeal?

If only Canadians could vote down here. After all, the fate of the sleeping elephant affects us, too. (Is that why I come across so many other Canadians working in US politics?)

Of course, while Canadians can't vote and can't contribute financially...there's nothing to stop them from volunteering. If those 72% of Canadians who don't want to see Bush re-elected teamed up with a group like Driving Votes to make roadtrips across the line and help register new voters, that means we could send potentially send 22,914,299 Canadians out to nearby critical battleground states such as Oregon, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virgnia, and New Hampshire--or 2,864,287 Canadians to each state.

Just think about it...a few guys, some fishing rods, a cooler, crossing the border at the Peace Arch...who's going to give them a bad time?

Share the idea with your Canadian friends, and contact Driving Votes today to start arranging your road trip.

Another organization channelling volunteers into swing states is America Coming Together

Also, I have my first freeper. Check comments below. In typical fashion, the fellow can't spell. How utterly embarassing that he purports to be Canadian. Brings to mind Garrison Keillor's quip on conservatives and therapy...