Saturday, August 28, 2004

The arrests have begun


Josh Bearman has a report from the ground on police tactics on Friday night, along with pictures, and explains that it didn't have to go down that way.

Via BOP News.

FRIDAY: NY Police arrest 250 peaceful protestorsposter of police officer holding collapsed man and shaking fist, with slogan 'You want some of this? Protesting: It's just un-American. A Message from the Ministry of Homeland Security'
Nearly 250 bicyclists were arrested during a mass protest that passed New York City's Madison Square Garden on Friday night, the first major police crackdown on demonstrators just days before a wave of activists are expected to descend on the city for the Republican National Convention.

..."I think they (police) want to set a precedent for how they want people to protest," said cyclist Jennifer Brustein.

"This is a big time for us to show that we won't be intimidated."


THURSDAY: 21 arrests on Thursday
The events yesterday offered a preview of what delegates may expect when they actually arrive this weekend: spontaneous acts at high-profile locations meant to draw maximum attention.
Via King of Zembla