Thursday, August 05, 2004

Astroturf Shame in Virginia

The problem with Virginia's proximity to DC is we wind up playing host to so many of the worst bedfellows of the GOP.

The latest embarassment: Alexandria, Virginia is home to "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" (sic), a GOP-manufactured astroturf smear campaign against John Kerry's military record. The internet carpetbaggers ride again.

The group has just aired a tv attack ad that John McCain has criticized as dishonest and dishonorable and called on the White House to condemn as well. [Ed.'s note: we are not holding our breath.]

Skeptics of the astroturf campaign's smear tactics include

  • Fox New's Bill O'Reilly: "I've never seen them on any of the cable news networks -- that speaks for itself."

  • Various Fox News anchors reveal that Kerry's current ersatz critics have praised him in the past--before he was running for president.

  • Fox News' Hannity & Colmes co-anchor Sean Colmes confronts the astroturf group's Republican ties and lack of evidence for thier claims.

  • You can find excellent and comprehensive debunks courtesy of Media Matters and the Disinfopedia.

    Don't let the attacks fools you: this BushCo surrogate is bought and paid for with a Trojan thrown in for good measure.

    Kill the meme while we can. John McCain can testify how dangerous these dung heaps are.

    Via BOP News.


    You have to give the GOP credit for one thing: they are good at recycling.

    You know how all of those the Bush administration is recycling all those felons from the Reagan years?

    And the astroturf attack on Michael Moore recycled the people behind the California recall?

    Well, looks like this attack on Kerry is coincidentally recycling the same players from the 2000 primary attacks on McCain.

    Will wonders never cease.


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