Friday, August 20, 2004

Dr Strangeware or How I learned to stop worrying and love Microsoft

Americans love to ask "why do they hate us?"

Could it be for this kind of gross lack of multicultural savvy"?
Another social blunder from Microsoft saw chanting of the Koran used as a soundtrack for a computer game and led to great offence to the Saudi Arabia government. The company later issued a new version of the game without the chanting, while keeping the previous editions in circulation because U.S. staff thought the slip wouldn't be spotted, but the Saudi government banned the game and demanded an apology. Microsoft then withdrew the game.

The software giant managed to further offend the Saudis by creating another game in which Muslim warriors turned churches into mosques. That game was also withdrawn.

<>The exports of Microsoft, Hollywood, and MacDonalds et al are the face of America for much of the world. Look at the face we're putting forward.

Also note the influence of the Saudi government. Somehow, if the Canadian gov was complaining to Microsoft about a game that turned maple trees into missiles, or zambonis into armed humvees, I can't see Bill Gates pulling the game.