Friday, August 20, 2004

Guerilla Activism

A banner, propelled by balloons, against the tall ceilings of NY's Grand Central Station, that reads 'No Bush Lies Wars'

New Yorkers Launch Huge Anti-Bush Banner
with Balloons in Grand Central Station

(and walk away unhassled, amid cheers)

On Thursday, a group of New Yorkers released a 15-foot banner suspended by helium balloons in the main concourse of New York’s Grand Central Terminal.
The action was conceived as a peaceful visual message of protest against the
Bush administration: Its exploitation of fear and uncertainty in the wake of
9/11, its lies, and the wars it has engendered.

...The protesters chose Grand Central Terminal because it is a main artery of
New York City, which will soon be infiltrated by a Republican Party that,
through the President and its majority in Congress, has made this country
and the world more ruthless and dangerous places.

...Today’s action is part of a groundswell of visual, non-violent protest
against the Bush administration that has surfaced despite the repressive
climate this administration has fostered.
See also IndyMedia article here and more photos here.

This protest is a prime example of my favorite kind of guerilla activism: peaceful, visual, subversive, irreverent, and funny. Bravo to the anonymous NY guerillas!

Let's hope we can indeed look forward to much more of this kind of protest.

And as Scout points out, anyone can do this anywhere that has a high ceiling. (Hint, hint)

Thanks to NewsGrist via I'm Voting and And Then.