Wednesday, August 18, 2004

ignorance begets ignorance

During the 2004 session, the Virginia Legislature passed House Bill 675, dubbed by right wing home schoolers as the Homeschool Freedom Bill. Virginia Law formerly required that a homeschooling parent hold a minimum of a Bachelor's degree to qualify, minus a range of exceptions. The new law, which passed along party lines, lowers the bar down to a high school diploma.

Virginian right wing home schoolers and their friends in the GOP don't want children to get too educated and uppity. Lawd knows if they could read, or think, they might vote Democrat.

. . .

The Home School Legal Defence Association (HSLDA), presents itself as a home school lobbying group. It is repudiated by other members of the home schooling community for a conservative agenda that is pro-guns, anti-gay, anti-choice lobbying, as well as misreprestations of facts, and its strong-arm, scare-tactic sales techniques.

The HSLDA has launched Project Joshua, to mobilize home school students as grassroots workers to campaing for Bush and other religious right candidates.

And thus, all of those little home schooled republicans will be coming back into Virginia state politics next year to campaign for the likes of Jerry Kilgore and Ken Cuccinelli.

Unless Virginia cleans up its error in the 2005 session.