Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Kerry closing the gap in Virginia

The latest Rasmussen Reports survey shows that John Kerry is closing the gap in Virginia.
In Virginia, the latest Rasmussen Reports survey shows President Bush with 49% of the vote and Senator Kerry with 46%. In Election 2000, Bush won Virginia by nine percentage points, beating Al Gore 53% to 44%.

This state has consistently remained much closer than the Bush campaign would like. While it's been decades since a Democrat has won the state, all indications are that it is competitive in the summer of 2004.

Last month, our Virginia poll found Bush leading 48% to 45%. The month before, it was Bush 47% Kerry 45%.

As a result, Virginia remains in the "Toss-up" category for our Electoral College projections (we require a five point lead before moving a state from Toss-Up status).
This is great news because:
1. Given the margin of error (Rasmussen's state-by-state samples carry a margin of error that varies from +/- 3 percentage points to +/- 5 percentage points depending upon the state), this means the candidates are running neck and neck.

2. It doesn't matter who *likes* the candidates, it matters who goes out and votes. In Virginia this year, volunteer field activities to identify Kerry supporters door-to-door and on the phone combined with election day Get Out The Vote activities will supply the critical factor in winning this election.

The Republicans are renown for their effectiveness at turning out their supporters to the polls. If we can out-field them, we can win Virginia.

To get involved and make a difference in the Kerry Edwards campaign, contact the Richmond or Fairfax offices.