Friday, August 20, 2004

Marriage 101 for Virginia Legislators

Amanda at XX has a brief review of White Weddings by Chrys Ingraham and goes on to deconstruct the right-wing case against same sex marriage.
There is a dual reason that conservatives talk about preserving “traditional” marriage from the onslaught of legalized same-sex marriage. One is that it’s a great rhetorical trick that allows them to address marriage as an institution and completely avoid talking about the actual human beings, the gays and lesbians that their policies are out to harm. The other reason is that they mean what they say, that they want marriage to be “traditional", that is, take it away from the growing conception of its potential to be an egalitarian institution and return it to its traditional use as the predominant way of perpetuating male dominance over women.
I'd strongly recommend both the post and the book to Virginia Legislators who voted for HB 751. You know who you are.