Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Finally got around to share the good news that I am also writing for BOPnews, a/k/a The Blogging of the President, thanks to a generous invitation from Matt Stoller.

I am also working with the alumni of Campaign 101 to get our new blog off the ground, the eponymous C101.

Three blogs, one insomniac. I'm not sure yet quite how this will work.

My "serious" posts will go to BOP, anything related to young voters or particularly process-oriented will go to C101, and so far anything frothy or Virginia-specific will stay here on Tsuredzuregusa.

Blogger offers a built-in spell-check and I haven't found one yet on the back-end of BOP, so I'll probably be mainly composing on Blogger and cross-posting.

Probably. We'll see.

If any veteran multibloggers have advice (where is Suw Charman when you need her?) I am all ears.

And, if are aren't already familiar with BOP or C101, please drop in and take a look.