Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Nuts and Bolts

America Coming Together Polling Director Andy Grossman details some interesting electoral nuts and bolts that may play a factor on November 2:
In Missouri in 2000, a greater percentage of African Americans voted than did whites.

Nevada has seen the highest population growth of any state – and 65% of the population lives in the Las Vegas area.

In 2000, Gore won New Mexico by 366 votes. New Mexico has the largest Latino population in the country – but it is not an immigrant population – the Hispanics in New Mexico have been there for over 300 years.

Ohio has seen the largest number of jobs lost since 9-11 in any state besides New York and California.

In Wisconsin, Minnesota, and New Hampshire, you can register to vote at the polls on Election Day.

In Oregon, there is not just one Election Day, but 18 days of voting, through an extensive vote-by-mail program.

Senior Citizens are currently the most affluent Americans.

Maine splits its Electoral College votes. Currently, the only other state to do this is Nebraska—but if a ballot initiative passes in Colorado, it will be the third state able to divide its Electoral College votes.

John Zogby is a registered Republican.
My question is, why didn't I know Zogby was a registered Republican?

Oregon hardly seems exceptional in the Vote by Mail category--I think I'm missing something.

My translation reads:
Watch for major racial voter suppression campaigns in Missouri.

Dems should pick up swing voters in Ohio--if we can overcome the Fox/Rush factor.

Watch for "votes for beer" and other scams in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and New Hampshire.

Republicans will fight the Colorado ballot initiative like hell.
Did I miss anything?