Saturday, August 21, 2004

Vote with your Wallet: Build the Progressive Machine

One of their slogans is "Building Community Through Responsible Business" so you know I'm going to be all over this one...

The Progressive Book Club is launching this fall as an antidote to the Republican Big Hussle that Matt Stoller had documented in his research on right-wing screed artist Michele Malkin.

The concept: support progressive authors, make progressive books accessible to a wider audience, and promote progressive ideas.

The nuts and bolts: The pre-launch special offer is buy "3 for $3 + 1 for free." In exchange, you agree to buy four books over the next two years. Monthly selections will be advertised by email--sounds more efficient and far less aggressive than the Columbia Record Club.

The good part: Discount prices, plus proceeds go to progressive causes.

The Progressive Book Club's stated mandate is to "push back against the conservative domination of America’s political culture."
We intend to serve the progressive community in every way we can—as a source of new revenue, as a way to attract new members, and as a means for engaging progressive Americans in national discussion.
What's not to love?

The Progressive Book Club's has the potential to provide a critical and missing piece in the left's political coordination machine.

I'm a great proponent of money-where-your-mouth-is politics. Let's get on board early and support this worthwhile endeavour.

The project doesn't officially launch until this fall but you can sign up now (do it! do it!).