Thursday, August 19, 2004

Weapon of Mass Distraction

Looks like Nader puts the "N" in Weapon of Mass Distraction:
"The key is keeping his name off the ballot,'' said Democratic strategist Dane Strother. ``If he makes the ballot in one or two or three swing states and siphons 3 or 4 points off Kerry, it's harmful."
From the International Herald Tribune:
The Pennsylvania effort is one of the most extensive and gives a glimpse into what it takes to mount such a challenge.

“The amount of time that has been devoted to this is easily in excess of 10,000 hours,” Booker said. That includes the work of more than 100 volunteers in Pittsburgh for at least eight hours a day for a week, and 8 to 10 lawyers in his firm working at no charge for 80 hours a week for two weeks.

The lawyers may end up working on the case for six more weeks before it is resolved.

Okay, we all know Nader contributed to the 2000 fiasco, particularly in Florida.

But 10,000 hours? In just one state? I don't know that we have those kinds of resources to waste. And recent polls are showing Nader bleeding swing votes away from Bush as much as Kerry...

I think we may have won the battle to lose the war: we've done such a splendid job of mopping up tired old Ralph, but where is the fight against Bush? You know, the president. That guy who's sitting in the White House.