Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Bloglines, etc.

I am happy that my blogroll has reached the size where I can no longer read through it in the course of a normal day--happy for the blogroll, a little frustrated as a reader.

The time has come to get...a newsreader thingy, to use the technical term.

Bloglines seems to be a common option. I also run Firefox and I have Sage (and something else) installed as extensions, with no clue as to how to find them, let alone run them.

I'd like something that is multi-format compatible...xml, rss, etc.

I am not a technophobe (no matter how much of a blither idiot I have presented myself to be in this post)...I'm just, er, lazy. I haven't expended much effort to figure this out, yet, and I'd far rather throw myself on the generosity and expertise of you kind readers than go figure it all out from scratch.

Any suggestions?


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