Thursday, September 30, 2004

Composing vs Transcribing

I can't write a post to save my life this week, but over on BOP News I've been writing comments longer than my normal posts.

I think the different is that when I write a post (of any substance), typically I do research, I incorporate multiple sources, I synthesize ideas and I try to present a cogent analysis. I push myself to write new things and learn in the process--it is the challenge for me of writing. Er...all of which is over my head at the moment.

On the other hand, when I comment on other people's posts, often I am just transcribing information out of my head that is an area of expertise, or a set of ideas I have already given much thought. It's all up there already and I just need to get it on the page.

All of which is to say...I've been neglecting Tsuredzuregusa lately, but I'm commenting up a storm on BOP, and I'd like to invite my readers here to come over and join some interesting conversations:

BOP readers are sketching a blueprint of the progressive political machine.

Abby Vigneron examines the lessons we need to learn from Florida 2000 to prepare for 2004.

Matt Stoller asks for your thoughts on Bling Bling for Kerry.

Marcy Wheeler points out why party building trumps vote goals as a long term strategy.

Come on over and have your say...and make me feel less guilty for being a crummy hostess over here. ;)


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