Thursday, September 30, 2004

Counter Freep Insurgency

Paperwight is a regular here and at BOP and a great blogger. His blog is part of a blogging/writing/analysis project for a composition class at USCA. I've written up an account of it here.

The students' blogs got freeped over the weekend. The kids have rallied with an impressive level of grace and poise.

Paperwight has been dilligently working through the student blogs and giving them encouraging comments, while engaging them at a "grown-up" level of blog discourse.

I am extremely impressed with this project, and I would hate to see the students discouraged by their experience this weekend.

So, I'm pimping out paperwight and the project, in order to ask you, if you have a minute to spare, to go over and encourage the kids and write a few encouraging comments. You can find a list of the student's blogs in the sidebars of the class homepage:

Think of it as a Counter Freep Insurgency for a really good cause.


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