Friday, September 17, 2004


John McCain Back in the Koolaid

Karl 'Roveeni' Rove flavor koolaid package
I wrote a while back on BOP about how the Bush campaign savaged John McCain in the 2000 Republican primaries. However, since McCain stood up and spoke out against scurilous attacks on fellow Vietnam vet John Kerry, Karl Rove et al have treated us this summer to the much vaunted Bush McCain Hugs along the campaign trail [I supose McCain should feel lucky Rove didn't make him roll on his back and piss himself], and his "We will never surrender" speech at the RNC. (Er, where was that spirit back in 2000, John?)

In the latest installment of this bizarre and tragic saga, McCain just told the Florida Supreme court that the law should not be an obstable to getting Ralph Nader on the ballot.

Read the rest at The Blogging of the President

Women's lives as the currency of political gain

The Guardian reports that another assault on reproductive freedom has quietly passed the house:coat rack with wire hangers

A little-noticed provision cleared the House of Representatives last week that would prohibit local, state or federal authorities from requiring any institution or health care professional to provide abortions, pay for them, or make abortion-related referrals, even in cases of rape or medical emergency.
Translation: if a woman requires emergency medical care, a hospital can legally turn her away, and state and local governments can't do anything about it.

Read the rest (and the comments that so far promise to be a troll fest extravaganza) on BOP.

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