Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Stanley Hilton falls on a hand grenade for America

lady_justice large.jpgOn June 3 2002, Stanley Hilton, a San Francisco attorney and former aide to Senator Bob Dole, filed a class-action lawsuit in U.S. District Court against George W. Bush and members of his administration, on behalf of 400 9/11 victim family members. The suit alleges that Bush and his administration knowingly allowed the attacks to take place for their own political gain. Hilton has been targetted with death threats, professional threats, and harrassment; his law office was broken into and his professional papers were stolen. After a year underground, he recently broke his silence in a radio interview with Andrew Jones.

Listen to the interview and read the rest of this article on The Blogging of the President.


I got the idea for truncating long essays this way from multiblogger extraordinaire, Suw Charman, who sometimes crossposts a teaser for articles on her personal blog, Chocolate & Vodka, that she posts in full on her professional blog, Strange Attractor. (Oh, yes, there are professional blogs.) Both blogs are excellent, btw.

Question: is this a good way to handle the limitations of Blogger, or just an inconvenience to readers? I'd love your feedback.

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