Monday, September 27, 2004

We're in the Countdown

[A]: "...We're in the countdown now."

[B]: "To what?"

[A]: "From the pattern of their operations--what we've peiced together--a prolonged series of massive, orchestrated conflagrations designed to spin governments out of control and destabilize them."

[B]: "That's a tall order. In what way?"

[A]: "Guesswork. Probably widespread, coordinated reruptions of violence led by terroists everywhere--terrorists fueled by [X] and his people. When the chaos becomse intolerable, it would be their excuse to march in with military units and assume the controls, initially with martial law."

[B]: "It's been done before. Feed and arm a presumed enemy, then send out provocatuers--"

[A]: "With massive sums of money and materials."

[B]: "And when they rise up, pull out the rug, crush them, and take over. The citizens give thanks, and call the heroes saviors, as they start marching to their drum."

Can anyone tell me where the quotes come from? No string-searches, please, and if you know with 100% certainty, keep it to yourself while the others guess, and let them have some fun.

I'll provide the source later in the week...

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