Monday, September 27, 2004

What She Did!

About a month back, we had a good discussion going here on Tsuredzuregusa about progressive women bloggers who write about politics and ways to encourage and support each other.

Out of that discussion, Carla at Preemptive Karma set up a new Progressive Women's Blog Ring. (Thanks again, Carla!)
"This is a Progressive/Liberal political webring for women bloggers.

In order to join, your blog must have at least 50% ownership, management and posting by a woman. The ring is strictly for women who blog on political and current events issues related to Progressive politics and policy."
You can see current list of members here and if you are a progressive woman blogger who is interested in joining, find info on how to do so here.

I also threw out the idea of putting together a progressive women's political blogroll. I hadn't managed to put the idea into action yet (health, etc.), and Morgaine at The Goddess, bless her heart, has made the blogroll a reality, with the help of some other spectacular and generous bloggers. The criteria for the blogroll are:
  • the blog is by a woman or group including women

  • they cover liberal politics at least part time, and

  • they have a feminist slant- pro-choice, size acceptance, pay equity, etc.

The fruits of Morgaine's labours are two-fold:

1. What She Said! is the homepage for the blogroll, as well as the sign-up site for the What She Said! email newsletter and a new focal point for the progressive womens' blogging community. I also had the pleasure/honour of being the first WSS Feature Blogger.

2. Plus, of course, there is the "Progressive Women who Blog Politics" Blogroll itself. I have added the blogroll to Tsuredzuregusa, and while the blogroll is a work in progress, you can see how phenomenal the support for it has been already.

What can you do?

  • To join the Progressive Women's Blog Ring, go here.

  • To submit a topical progressive woman/women's blog to the What She Said! blogroll, contact Morgaine at morgaine (at) (And likewise, please let Morgaine know if you can help out!)

  • If you'd like your blog to be featured on What She Said!, find all the details here.

  • Finally, please help spread the word!

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