Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Awesome tracking software to stop the draft.

[Note: the tracking software they are using for this is absolutely brilliant. I'm in geek love. Check it out.]

I have signed the open letter to George W. Bush at, and I hope you will too.

Sign here!

To: President Bush
From: The Men and Women of America

I believe in fighting for democracy and freedom everywhere in the world. I am willing to sacrifice when the cause is just and the strategy is strong. But I don't want anyone to be forced to die for a terrible, unplanned war.

President Bush, you say there will be no draft. Why should I trust you?

Sign the letter right now!

* Forward the letter to your friends and continue the chain.
* Check out an animated map of who has answered your invitations.

If that link up there doesn't work, try copying this one into your web browser:">

==Michael Whitney==

[P.S. This takes you to my husband's page]

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