Friday, October 22, 2004

Blog Pet

Inspired by Melissa at Anything But Ordinary, I have added to the sidebar a Blog pet. Because...what this site really needs is more javascript. Really. Click on the pet to make it talk.

The development side of the blogpet project is pretty cool. Blog Pets read your blog when you update it, guess what kind of mood you're in and tell visitors what it thinks. Apparently they even know jokes. Coming features include recognition of people, profiles, who likes who, etc; and linking of blogs and profiles between pets, so your pet will talk about your friends' blogs too (if they have a pet).

Does the geek factor redeem me for essentially putting a tamagochi in my sidebar? ...I didn't think so.

Okay, perhaps this may serve as a cautionary tale to real bloggers why insomnia blogging changes to your template is a really, really bad idea. [FYI, I considered "Blog Template Seppuku" as an alternate title for this post.]

I think this is also a new blogging landmark, showing I have thrown blogging machismo to the wind along with any pretentions of being a Very Serious Blogger. [In times of tribulation I take refuge in absurdism. In other words, it only gets worse from here. Be warned.]

Maybe we should start a pool on how long I'll leave it up? Any takers? I realize I have inside information since I, er, know me better than you do, and I can also rig the game, but I promise I'll play straight up. My guess is 48 hours max. Anyone else?

Maybe this is what will finally get my father into blogging...

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