Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Bridging the Great Divide

I've already been writing today about how to get past preaching to the choir, and another opportunity has materialized.

Jay Tea at the conservative blog Wizbang asks readers to share why they support John Kerry.

It strikes me as a rare opportunity to cross the abyss of polarized American politics and "talk to the other side."

Jay has some ground rules for posts on the thread:
    1. Only serious, positive statements about John Kerry will be tolerated. Sarcastic or cynical "positives" will be edited or deleted, as the mood suits me. (Unless, of course, I find them way too funny to mess with.)

    2. Absolutely no mention of President Bush will be tolerated. This is to limit the discussion to "why vote FOR John Kerry," and not "why to vote AGAINST Bush." If you want to discuss that, there are a couple zillion web sites out there you can do that. You might want to start with Democratic Underground, the site so dedicated to free speech they TWICE banned me for not toeing their party line finely enough.

    3. This will be a watched and moderated discussion. Although I am loath to do so normally, I will be exercising my authority to edit and/or delete comments. And by "edit," I mean I might remove words, sentences, or even completely rewrite postings as the whim strikes me. For example, "I'm gonna vote for John Kerry because Bushitler is an evil, stupid, drunk cokehead who has wet dreams of global tyranny and apocalypse" might get edited into "I'm gonna vote for John Kerry because I'm too stupid to read the rules and think they apply to me, and Kerry will make sure there's plenty of social funding programs to keep me happy and drugged and well-fed while I continue my existence as a waste of oxygen." Consider yourselves warned.
I'm confident that Tsuredzuregusa readers are up to the challenge of expressing their support for Kerry in a civil, persuasive way.

Take the challenge and go make your case at Wizbang.

You are welcome, of course, to share your thoughts here, too (I'm genuinely interested), but let's take advantage of the chance to get the message out to someone other than the choir.


Simon on BOP has picked up the ball and is now asking the question, "Why do you support Bush"? I don't expect this applies to many tsuredzuregusa readers, but if you are indeed voting for Bush, feel free to join in on Simon's discussion.

I've just opened up a parallel thread on BOP. You are all invited to add your comments in support of John Kerry here: http://www.bopnews.com/archives/001919.html#1919

and against Bush here: http://www.bopnews.com/archives/001920.html#1920