Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Campaignistration Alert

Quick! Where did we get this chunk of web page?

Bush campaign ad from the front page of the US Office of Budget & Management website

Some Republican party campaign site? Nope. It's the centerpiece of the new front page for the US Office of Management and Budget's website. And it's just been re-done, at taxpayer expense.

Magpie at Pacific Views points out that we're sure the fact that the election is less than a month away had absolutely nothing do with the re-design.

Yeah, right.

[For connoisseurs: The White House Office of Global Communications, aka the Ministry of Disinformation, offers up some classic cheesey nuggets of campaignistration, too.]

Nathan Newman is calling on Democrats to demand the Bush administration refund US taxpayers whatever it cost to hijack the OMB website with a partisan political advertisement.

The Neo-Cons' raw hubris still amazes me: they don't even pretend to play by the rules. Ever.

I'll give them credit for 2 things:
1. They make the trains run on time.
2. They are consistent.

Incidentally you can compare pre-revision versions of the OMB website courtesy of the Wayback Machine. Note that the last version before the 2000 election, in contrast, was NOT thinly-veiled electioneering. You know: when Democrats ran the White House.

We'll add this one to the big, fat Raw Abuse of Power file.