Monday, October 18, 2004

Embrace mackereality

Speaking of the horrors of 70's dieting (because, tangentially, I have been), via Buddha Stew we get these two treasures.

1. The "What Weight Watchers recipe card from 1974 are you?" Quiz

Here's my result.

rosy perfection
You are Rosy Perfection Salad!! Though your name
may be innocent and cheerful, your jello-sweet
exterior hides a foul, sinister core.

Well, as usual, Quizilla's 5 amateur-written, non-scientific questions have nailed me to a tee.

Go take the quiz yourself. (And report back! I want to know!)

2. The Whole Shebang

Better yet, Candyboots brings us the whole 1974 recipe card collection--annotated!. E.g.,

'mackerelly' recipe card

Sometimes mere adjectives for mackerel are not enough. Sometimes mackerel is mackerel unto itself. Sometimes you just have to let go. Mackerelease yourself. Embrace mackereality.

This is better than Napoleon Dynamite and Maddox in a Home Ec class together.

Don't miss out. Go enjoy the whole collection yourself.

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