Monday, October 25, 2004

Flavors of Frustration

Stirling Newberry has stirred up quite a discussion on BOP, around an excellent piece entitled "Shrub Heil, Y'all," where he makes the case that we get the government we deserve...and if the US votes Bush back in for four more years, it is because we deserve to be stuck with him.

While I understand the point he's making (and do go over and read him in his own words), I beg to differ because:
- the rest of the world doesn't get to vote for Bush and certainly doesn't deserve him;
- the American children who will bear the brunt of the burden for Bush's destructive policies can't vote him out and don't deserve him;
- the American voters who are making their voting decisions based on lies spun by Bush, government agencies, and the American media don't know they're on the wrong end of a con-job and don't deserve to be victimized twice.

[I know mostly political people and very few "normal" people. Do Americans really grasp that a Bush election victory, legitimate or illegitimate, will in the eyes of the world be an endorsement of the Iraq invasion and Abu Ghraib? For now, the global community has been incredibly generous in making a distinction between the American people and the American government...and that should last for oh, about 8 more days....]

Ultimately, I think Stirling is speaking from frustration and I'm speaking from...terror? desperation? Maybe just a different flavor of frustration.

In elections as flawed as we are facing this you think the US will get the government it deserves?

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