Tuesday, October 05, 2004

For your listening pleasure...

A round-up of the great sound clips I've come across in my blog readings lately:

Johnny Cash's cover of NIN's Hurt via All Day Permanent Red

Sarah McLachlan's World on Fire via Mouse Musings

Via Suw Charman's Chocolate and Vodka, a cover of Pulp's Common People by...wait for it, wait for it... William Shatner, Ben Folds of Ben Folds Five, and to quote Suw, "Joe Jackson, (yes, that Joe Jackson), doing the wail-y impaled art student bits. " (Suw is looking for the full clip and so am I.)

And finally...the great flash animation of the Hives' See the Idiot Walk. (Often on repeat at our house.) The tune is crunchy and the edits are sweet.

[This is sheer narcisistic blogging by the way. I keep going to these people's sites to find these links--now I can keep them all in one place.]