Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The God Lottery

Natasha at Pacific Views does a great job of deflating the myth of the God lottery:
...when people say that they owe their success to God, what does that say for the rest of us? Does God listen to their prayers better? Are the less wealthy and famous among us suffering because God decided that we didn't deserve to be blessed like wealthy performing artists, sports heroes, or politicians who claim to have the Lord on their side? Aren't they really just saying that God loves them more than other people?

Doesn't sound so humble that way.
Of course, Natasha was writing about P.Diddy (or whatever his name is this week), but the post certainly got me thinking about everyone's favourite I-was-a-cokehead-but-now-am-found, born-again, evangelical Texan.

I have previously noted myself that I find the American notion of a pom-pom wielding god very curious.

Read the rest of Natasha's excellent post here