Sunday, October 24, 2004

He puts the Potty in POTUS

Via King of Zembla, I was just stunned to read Guardian television critic Charlie Brooker's reaction to the American presidential debates:
Quite frankly, the man's either wired or mad. If it's the former, he should be flung out of office: tarred, feathered and kicked in the nuts. And if it's the latter, his behaviour goes beyond strange, and heads toward terrifying. He looks like he's listening to something we can't hear. He blinks, he mumbles, he lets a sentence trail off, starts a new one, then reverts back to whatever he was saying in the first place. Each time he recalls a statistic (either from memory or the voice in his head), he flashes us a dumb little smile, like a toddler proudly showing off its first bowel movement. Forgive me for employing the language of the playground, but the man's a tool.
Oddly enough, my conclusion while live-blogging the third debate on BOP News was startlingly similar:
When Bush smiles...he looks like a child in toilet-training who is boasting about a particularly successful bowel movement.

If you've spent time around children in toilet training you know exactly what I mean.
Parents! Back Charlie and I up on this one.

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