Monday, October 18, 2004

I'm out of words...

...but here are some pretty pictures.

Simpsons' character Ralphie with finger in nose stating 'I'm for Bush'

Bush making peace sign with slogan 'I Bet You'll Vote This Time Hippy'

Via Youngox Canada

(Steve Bell - Guardian) Via Youngfox Canada

John Edwards debating Simpson's character Mr. Burns

Via You Forgot Poland

row of marching skeletons
Voting begins in Florida, the retirement and voter fraud capital of the nation
Via Mr Sun.

I particularly like how we all start out as turd-like sinners, with the believers evolving through stages of squashed beetle, corn flake, potato, lima bean, and pea, while the stubborn refuseniks remain doomed to spend eternity roasting in Satanic turd-dom.


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