Tuesday, October 26, 2004

In Your Face

This is a topic for discussion inspired by the comments on a post on BOPnews.

The post asks for feedback on an animated .gif that one might call a mini Fahrenheit 9/11, telling the story of how Osama bin Laden got away. The animation is complex and verbose and there is much debate as to the purpose it serves.

My question:

Assuming that the purpose at hand was to change minds in this final week leading up to the election, and assuming no constraints in technology or budget, what would you "show" the electorate? What would you whisper in everyone's ear?

There have been any number of attempts at this:
  • Fahrenheit 9/11 did a superb job spelling out any number of misdeeds, conspiracies and lies, but only over the course of two hours and to audiences that already wanted to hear its messages.
  • MoveOn.org's Uncovered did the same over an hour specifically about Iraq, again to volunteer audiences only.
  • The Texans for Truth have had an easy to digest message about Bush's Air National Guard service (or lack thereof).
If you could magically rub everybody's nose in an image, a soundbite, a quote, a videoclip, what would it be? What is the most compelling self-evident "story" that could be used to turn people away from re-electing Bush next Tuesday?

Respond and discuss in this post's comments, please.


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