Friday, October 08, 2004

It's the visibility, stupid!

BushCo's gift to the world is the ultimate photo-op presidency. They don't want you to see flag-draped coffins, and they don't care if the "Mission Accomplished" Kodak moment was completely divorced from reality.

Well, looks like reality is coming back to bite them in the ass.

Tim Bishop asks how the Iraq metatag at Flickr (a mobile blogging/photo sharing app) might affect politics and communities:

What happens when Iraqis start posting pictures on a … popular photo portal where it is easy for Americans … to find them? What happens when pro- and anti-occupation Iraqis start posting graphic pictures to make their points? What happens when we have an unmediated, high emotional impact, people-to-people conversation with video and pictures?

If you want to know, you can subscribe to the RSS feed for the Iraq tag at Flickr.

Via David Weinberger at Many-to-Many.

I can't emphasize how potentially damaging this can be to Bush. I was co-incidentally in a conversation today about how the Neo-Cons adopt many of the stock brainwashing techniques of cults in their practice of post modern politics: isolate the recruit from their support networks (in the case of America, from the world community and traditional allies), control the flow of information (cf Republican-owned media conglomerates), repetition repetition repetition (cf Outfoxxed), to create an an artificial environment into which reality doesn't intrude to spoil their outrageous lies.

I repeat: reality's biting their ass this time. And reality is the best antitode to the artificial hothouse in which they hold America captive.

On a related note, if you really want to take a radical and effective anti-war, anti-Bush stance: put a white cross in your front yard for every soldier killed in Iraq from your community or your state. [Credit to Steve Ybarra of Latinos for Democracy for the idea.] As long as the war is invisible, it isn't real, and it has no consequence to voters. If you care, then MAKE it a real issue in this election...for the people who drive down your street--bymaking it VISIBLE and therefore real.

We've been taking notes, Uncle Karl. We can manipulate symbols, too.