Monday, October 04, 2004

Number$ (plus a call for back up)

In Sarah McLachlin's new video, World On Fire, she takes the standard budget for a music video, $150,000, and invests it in providing critical services to 1,000,000 people. Click here to see the video, and here for a list of the organizations McLachlin donated the money to (minus $15, her scaled-down video production cost). If you can get through the video dry-eyed, you're made of sterner stuff than I am. [Hat tip to Cyndy at Mouse Musings for the video link.]

In the meantime, how does George "they hate us for our freedom" Bush handle money?

Well, while he is busy bankrupting the federal government (and through unfunded federal mandates, state and local government by extension) to pay for his fool's war in Iraq, slashing social programs, and advocating that private citizens shoulder the burden of social welfare in their communities, raised $260,565,424 for his relection campaign as of August 31--and that's not counting soft money, RNC donations, or front groups like the Swift Boats.

It's hard to understand numbers that big, so let's look at it in context: that $260,565,424 could have brought the same essential services to 1,737,275,340 people all over the world: that's one BILLION seven hundred and thirty seven MILLION two hundred and seventy five THOUSAND three hundred and fourty people, or better than 1 out of every 4 people on earth.

Compassionate Conservative my ass.

Natasha at Pacific Views shows how anyone can fight ignorance, hate, and squalor without dropping a bomb--with just $10. Lawd knows we can't leave it up to George.

I cross-posted this on BOP, where one of the BOP regular readers has posted a long, I'm-an-authority comment to the extent that income disparities are how the world works and it works in our favor so why would anyone bother to try and change just shut up and take your estrogen out of the sandbox.

Feeling like I just got bitch-slapped--and yes, I use the term deliberately. As he is a regular and a persona grata (and it is the middle of the night the day after a migraine, here), I'm at a loss as to respond, appropriately, to a bullying post costumed in academic authority and gender priviledge.

Frankly, I could use back-up. If any kind souls feel like wandering over and joining the conversation I'd really appreciate it. And on another day I'll be happy to return the favor--you know where to find me.