Monday, October 18, 2004


Good news! I FINALLY went clothes shopping.

I do this wierd/stupid thing where I don't buy clothes forever when I'm unemployed or working from home, which means most of the past 5 years, because I can't justify the expense when I hardly have call to leave the house. [On the other hand, when I dress for business, I dress to kill--and consider it an investment.] Then, I get down to one pair of pants that fit, only they don't fit, and they are worn out and horrible, and I feel so bad wearing them that I don't want to get dressed and leave the house, and I can't get out to go shopping. The Pants Trap. In fairness, the clerks in women's clothing stores can also be Intergalactic Bitches from Hell.

I was down to the one pair of Horrible Pants, and afraid to try on new ones (I can wear skirts comfortably but I've just had a bad run trying on pants for a while--since they seem to be cut for 10 year old boys, not post-pubescent women). Lo and behold! I bought three pair that were regular price (horror! I never do that) but are attractive and comfortable and are not fat pants--black jeans, blue jeans, both boot cut, which means I have something to wear safely when we revive the motorcycle (nothing but denim or leather or kevlar on the bike, thank you very much), and a pair of charcoal-grey, microsuede, boot-cut cargo pants.

[I live in horror, after my mother and her sisters' many dieting years, of the dreaded all-elastic waist black polyester Fat Pants. I don't mean to be size-ist; I'm admitting it is a childhood trauma. AND it angers me that there are so few options for comfortable, attractive clothing for women--especially "women" over the age of 12.].

FYI, for any curvy pants-buying female readers, in the past I've done well with pants at Chico's when I was ready to cough up the $$ for them, but had no luck on this trip. Instead, I found my fabulous new PANTS! at J. Jill, a store I had never even heard of before moving to Virginia.

Well, the new pants are like a miracle. I forgot what a difference comfortable clothes make--we went out AGAIN today just because I wasn't scared to get dressed.

For an intelligent person, daily life sure baffles me, and I allow small things to trip me up. Nice thing is, as my awesome chinese doc points out and my husband reiterates, it's not me, its the sickness--I'm not like this when I'm healthy.

And in the meantime, I have pants! I have pants!

If the timing all works out I think I'm going to try to walk to the doctor's office tomorrow, its' about 1.5-2 my pants!

Amazing, what can make a difference. I feel like a new person...a person with Pants Power!

Tough question now is what to do with the Horrible Pants. They are truly horrible...BUT...they also have a hole in the leg where I was skewered in a swordfight at the 2003 Paddy Crean International Stage Combat Workshop in Banff. The pants saved me and the sword didn't go through my leg. Naturally, I have a certain sentimental attachment.

Maybe I'll cut that part out and get it framed. My family does things like that.

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