Sunday, October 24, 2004

War on Fiction Writers

Dedicated to my many, many writing friends...

Gail Online points out that in her list of our escalating wars of the peoples of earth, she missed the war on fiction writers:
Federal agents did a full out terrorising raid on a fiction writer because they didn't like her research activities, like buying and reading books about Cambodia, checking out books from the library and surfing the web. Then they sabatoged her computer and CD's before they gave them back. (They did not return all her property.)
"If you think that as women’s fiction writers, we’re immune from scrutiny under the Patriot Act, think again. Last fall, the home of a multi-published author for an RWA-recognized publisher was raided and her writing in materials confiscated. The writer, an RWA and PAN member who asked to be referred to as Dilyn, agreed to he interviewed for this column to alert RWA members of potential risks when conducting research."

Link: Patriot Act Hits Close to Home

"I can understand why they might have had a conversation with the woman based upon her web surfing. A little investigation was probably warranted to find out that she was a FICTION WRITER who often researches unusual practices. But a full on raid of her house and seizure of her property is the mark of an out of control incipient police state."

Link: Writers Are Terrorists

Am I the only one thinking about the words of Martin Niemöller right now?

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