Sunday, October 17, 2004

Women Bloggers on Ownership Economics

Thanks to des femmes for a great roundup of what (invisible) women bloggers have to say about the politics of ownership economics, presented in suggested reading order:
How to disenfranchise people without even trying
(Pinko Feminist Hellcat)
Maybe people don't care because they don't have time to think
The faces behind the numbers
Jobs (or jorbs, if you're the coach)
(Utopian Hell)
Life on the edge
(Suburban Guerrilla)
Work hard for the money
Strong and getting stronger for the multi-millionaires
(Just a Bump in the Beltway)
Hello Bush, bye bye jobs
(Democratic Wings) Self-Made Billionaires
(echidne of the snakes)
My apologies to the many talented writers in this collection (and I'm honored to be on the list with you); I really ought to take advantage of my access to the big fat soap box that is BOP News and put this up, but I'm really tired these days and I don't have the resources to handle the ensuing bitch slap from the misogyny police who feel compelled to enforce the "rule" that women shalt not write about economics.

Ah, hell. I'm cross posting this to BOP despite my reservations, at Matt's encouragement, because it deserves a wider audience than I can give it on my own. But I truly do not have the energy to take the flack over it, and if things get ugly, I'm putting out an SOS.

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