Sunday, November 07, 2004

Absurdity Burnout

The Yes Men have their own theory on how we got here: Absurdity Burnout.

"That's what's amazing about the discourse in this country," says Mike Bonnano, one of the two weapons-grade ironists behind Yes Bush Can. "People are so used to complete absurdity that nothing surprises them any more."

The article, which provides some much-needed levity this evening detailing their Rick Mercer-esque antics, and also mentions the Stanley Milgram experiment.

For months leading up to today's election, George Bush and his campaign team have been criss-crossing the US in a fleet of red, white and blue buses bearing the words "A Safer World - A More Hopeful America", followed close behind by several coachloads of journalists. Amid the mayhem that attends the motorcade, few people seem to have noticed anything odd about the occasional appearance of another, unauthorised bus, bedecked with near-identical patriotic graphics and a huge photograph of the president's grinning face.

The somewhat defensive slogan "I'm telling the truth!" should probably have rung alarm bells. So should the fact that the zealous campaigners on board claimed to represent a pressure group called Yes Bush Can. Mainly, though, alarm bells did not ring - which is why, over recent weeks, numerous loyal Republicans have happily signed a pledge in which, among other things, they agreed to host a permanent nuclear waste storage facility in their neighbourhood, promised not to have sex before marriage, and specified which branch of the military they would prefer their children to join to fight America's forthcoming war against North Korea."

They call their work to undo the Orwellian illogic of the Bush regime and the WTO "identity correction."

I say, more power to them.

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