Tuesday, November 09, 2004

As the Democrats take it lying down

Over at the Blogging of the President, paperwight writes in "Brave New World" of the oddity of Kerry's concession. The mistaken the notion that a reconciliation--"healing," was the word I think Kerry actually used--is possible is leading the Democrats to abandon leadership even as a courageous investigation of election fraud is needed. The Democrats just don't seem to get it: The Republicans are not interested in democracy, they are interested in control.

I agree:

Kerry's concession was a disaster, a funking in the very midst of the battle. Oldman thinks he was blackmailed--no matter: The disaster is the same. I felt like I was not watching politics, but professional wrestling. Kerry can no longer lead, and the loss of leadership is crucial.

Being "powerless" will not help the Democrats, for although the Rethugs will be saddled with their mistakes, yet they never lack to find scapegoats, and in the mean time they will just move to eliminate the Dems permanently. Electronic voting, and electronic tabulation was where the election was decided, and we lost. The Dem leadership hasn't even noticed. Those who want to win will have to remove clueless Dems from the action--or move the action away from them.

I do not believe that Shrub will live out his next term: The drug- or booze-related illness he is suffering from will finish him off well before then. But he will have a successor, so there is no comfort there.

Waiting (and hoping) for the next election is a path of failure.

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