Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Happy Birthday to Me

Not a blog birthday, but a real live *people* birthday: yes, it's my birthday today. And thus, uncharacteristically, I've been running around and largely offline.

I just wanted to take advantage of a red letter day (which term I believe comes from the practice of rubricating, or writing in red, Saint's days on the calender, and from there came to mean exceptional or fortuitous--but please double check me), to thank everyone for making TsDz feel like a party *every* day.

We might not be as big as Kos (yet! yet! lol), but there is a lovely feeling of community here, in a non-exclusive way that seems to make new readers also feel comfortable to post.

We've just had a host of remarkably talented writers join on the writing team, and I look forward to what they will be adding to the mix as well.

So thank you, lovely readers (and friends and colleagues) for making tsuredzuregusa feel like a celebration of ideas (and snark and silly pictures and questionable humor). It is a pleasure to be your hostess.

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