Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Shaula, my boon companion at BOPnews, has been kind enough to ask me to, er, bop on over and say hello. It's an honor, and a pleasure, to be here.

I'm in California, and though your clock says 2 a.m., for me it's the shank of the evening. I'm watching Jon Stewart interviewing Chuck Schumer, whom Stewart refers to as one of the few surviving members of the species Homo Democratus. I love Chuck. He brings it home. As for Jon, he's way high up in the Pantheon of greats. Could we have stayed sane lo these many weeks without him? And in the days ahead, we'll need him more than ever. He's just observed that in this election cycle, seems that "nothing could trump the idea of two guys kissing." Talk about bringing it home. These two, both my landsmen (I'm a Brooklyn girl myself) are the best.

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